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icon_geek's Journal

An Icon Community For All
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Posting Rules

# Posts made to the this community must have icons in them. If they don't have icons in then I will delete them. (This doesn't apply to Mod Posts).
# Icons, Banners, FO Banners and Wallpapers are all acceptable graphics in the community. No others.
# ONE post a day. This gives other people a chance to show off their work as well.
# Teasers are a good idea. However no more than three teasers can be used in one post.
# If your post contains more than three icons then put the rest behind an LJ cut or under a link to your own journal.
# I do allow fake cuts and cross posting to this community.
# Icons of any fandom can be posted here but icons including any nudity or anything like that must be under a LJ cut or link WITH A WARNING. The warning MUST be specific. I don't want any children stumbling across them without realising.
# Any spoilerish icons must also be posted under an LJ cut or link WITH A WARNING.
# Tags are nice, but not necessary. If you use them, please spell the tag right.
# No advertising, spamming, flaming or anything of that sort. If you do such a thing, I will ban you. End of story.
# If you have any problems or enquiries then you can PM me, cheekanzoop

Taking Rules

# If you take any icons then credit the artist in the 'Comment' or 'Keywords' section.
# Even if you're not taking any icons, but you still like what the artist has done, comment anyway. We all love comments.
# Requests may not be made to this journal. If you want to request from a specific artist, and they take requests, then do so on their personal journal or community.


# Membership to this community is open but, if you post icons here then you have to show me an example of your work before I will allow you to post. Find "Apply" in the Navigation bar and you will find how apply there.
# I want the best work to be shown on this community, so if you're accepted, then great. If you're not, then don't worry. I'll try to give you advice and if you improve your work I might accept you in the future.
# As I am online pretty much every day, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


# I do affiliate with personal journals and communities BUT they have to be icon journals.
# For a list of current affiliates, see the Navigation bar.

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